Life with Braces In McAllen, Brownsville, Weslaco, and Harlingen, TX

When you receive orthodontic treatment from Dr. Joel Martinez and team, you benefit from our positive atmosphere, detail to customer service, and more than 30 years of clinical experience. Dr. J is driven by the details of your smile, which equates to a quality, long-lasting result.

Your Guide to Treatment Success

A successful orthodontic treatment outcome includes watching what we choose to eat, maintaining a healthy oral environment, and being compliant by following any instructions given by Dr. Martinez throughout the course of treatment.

Eating with Braces

It is important to avoid crunchy foods like popcorn and ice, and chewy/sticky foods like candy, caramel, and licorice. Cut up food that requires biting into like apples, carrots, and corn on the cob. A bracket may get stuck in the process of chewing and break off. Whenever you lose a bracket, it puts a halt on treatment.

Home Care with Braces

We recommend that you brush and floss after each meal when wearing braces. Brushing with fluoride containing toothpaste and rinsing with fluoride containing mouthwash will keep your oral appliances clean and prevent cavities. Learn more about brushing and flossing with braces.

Braces Discomfort

Initially, you may experience slight headaches and tenderness when eating after getting your braces. Acetaminophen (Tylenol) can help relieve symptoms.

Once treatment begins, it will take time for the lips to get used to the brackets. If the discomfort exceeds toleration, application of wax can be used. Tear a small amount of wax and place it on top of the bracket where you feel the most discomfort. If the pain persists, please call our McAllen, Brownsville, Weslaco, or Harlingen office to schedule an emergency appointment.

Dr. Martinez and our team want your orthodontic treatment to be a complete success, which not only means achieving a beautiful smile, but doing so on time. By following our instructions on wearing your appliances and elastics, watching out for foods that can damage your braces, and brushing and flossing every day, you can ensure that your smile and treatment exceed your expectations. 

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